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IST OF GROUPS OF INDUSTRIES COVERED UNDER APPRENTICES ACT, 1961. In pursuance of clause(a) of sub-section(4) of section 1 of the Apprentices Act, 1961 (52 of 1961), (herein after refered as to the said Act), and in supersession of notification number GSR 247 dated the 12th Feb. 1962, GSR 1464, dated the 7th September 1963, GSR 14 dated 16th December 1965, GSR June 1967, GSR 1403, dated the 4th September 1967, GSR 1796 dated 21st November 1967, GSR 403 the dated the 13th March 1972, March 1987 published in Part II, section 3, sub-section (ii) of the Gazette of India, and the GSR No. 463(E), dated the 23rd August 1975 published in Part II, section 3, subsection (ii) of the Gazette of India, (Extraordinary), except as respects things done or omitted to be done before such supersession, the Central Government hereby specifies the following groups of industries, mentioned in column(2) of the Table below, to which the provisions of the said Act shall apply with effect from the date of publication of this notification in the Official Gazette, namely :- ________________________________________________________________________________________ DIVISION DESCRIPTION GROUP (1) (2) (3) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 00 AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION Growing of cereal crops (such as paddy, wheat, jowar, bajra, maize, ragi and barley) 000 Growing of pulses ( such as arhar, gram, moong and urd,) 001 Growing of jute, mesta, sann hemp or other kindred fibres 003 Growing of oilseeds 004 Growing of sugar-cane or sugar-beet 005 Growing of roots and tubers, vegetables, singhara, chillies and spices (other than pepper and cardamom) 006 Agricultural production not elsewhere classified not elsewhere classified 009 01 PLANTATIONS Plantation of Tea 0l0 Plantation of Coffee 011 Plantation of Rubber 011 Plantation of Tobacco 011 02 RAISING OF LIVESTOCK Cattle breeding, rearing and ranching production of milk 020 Goat breeding, rearing, ranching production of milk 02l Rearing of pigs and other animals not elsewhere classified 024 Rearing of ducks, hens & other birds, production of eggs 025 Rearing of sheep & production of shorn wool 022 Rearing of livestock and production of livestock, not elsewhere classified 029 05 FORESTRY AND LOGGING Planting, replanting and conservation of forest 050 06 FISHING (INCLUDING COLLECTION OF SEA PRODUCTS) Ocean, sea and coastal fishing. 060 Inland water fishing 06l Pisciculture - rearing of fish including fish hatcheries 062 Other allied activities and services incidental to fishing 069 10 MINING OF COAL LIGNITE: EXTRACTION OF PEAT Mining and agglomeration of coal l00 11 EXTRACTION OF CRUDE PETROLEUM: PRODUCTION OF NATURAL GAS Extraction of crude petroleum ll0 Production of natural gas lll 12 MINING OF IRON ORE Mining of Iron Ore l20 13 MINING OF METAL ORES OTHER THAN IRON ORE Mining of manganese ore l30 Mining of manganese ore l30 Mining of metal ores, other than iron ore or uranium group ores not elsewhere classified l39 14 MINING OF URANIUM AND THORIUM ORES Mining of Uranium and thorium Ores 140 15 MINING OF NON-METALLIC MINERALS NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED Mining and quarrying of rock aggregates sand and clays l50 Mining and quarrying of minerals for construction other than rock aggregates, sand and clays (in group l50) l5l Mining of fertilizers and chemical minerals l52 Mining of ceramic, refractory and glass minerals l53 Salt mining and quarrying, including crushing, screening and evaporating in pans l54 Mining of precious/semiprecious stones l56 Mining of other non-metallic minerals not elsewhere classified l59 20-2l MANUFACTURE OF FOOD PRODUCTS Slaughtering, preparation and preservation of meat 200 Manufacture of dairy products 20l Canning and preservation of fruits and vegetables 202 Processing, canning and preserving of fish crustacean and similar food 203 Grain milling 204 Manufacture of bakery products 205 Manufacture and refining of sugar (vacuum pan sugar factories) 206 Production of common salt 208 Manufacture of coca products and sugar Confectionery (including sweet meats) 209 Manufacture of Hydrogenated oils and vegetable ghee 2l0 Manufacture of vegetable oils and fats (other than hydrogenated) 2ll Processing and blending of tea, including manufacture of instant tea 2l3 Coffee curing, roasting, grinding and blending including manufacture of Instant Coffee 2l4 Manufacture of Ice 2l6 Manufacture of prepared animal and bird feed 2l7 Manufacture of food products not elsewhere classified 2l9 22. MANUFACTURE OF BEVERAGES, TOBACCO AND RELATED PRODUCTS Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits ethyl alcohol production from fermented material 220 Manufacture of wines 22l Manufacture of beer 222 Manufacture of soft drinks and syrups 224 Manufacture of bidi 226 Manufacture of cigars, cigarettes, cheroots and cigarette tobacco 227 Manufacture of other Tobacco products not elsewhere classified 228 Manufacture of pan-masala, catechu ("KATTHA") and chewings lime. 229 23. MANUFACTURE OF COTTON TEXTILES Cotton ginning, cleaning and bailing 230 Weaving & finishing of cotton khadi 232 Weaving and finishing of cotton textile on handlooms 233 Weaving and finishing of cotton textile on powerlooms 234 Cotton spinning, weaving and processing in mills 235 Bleaching, dyeing & printing of cotton textiles 236 24 . MANUFACTURE OF WOOL, SILK AND MAN MADE FIBER TEXTILES Preparation of raw wool, silk and artificial or synthetic textile fibres for spinning 240 Wool spinning, weaving and finishing other than in mills 24l Wool spinning, weaving and processing in mills 242 Spinning, weaving and finishing of silk textiles other than in mills 244 Spinning, weaving and processing of silk textiles in mills 245 25. MANUFACTURE OF JUTE AND OTHER VEGETABLE FIBRE TEXTILES (EXCEPT COTTON AND COIR) Preparing operations (including carding and combing) on coir fibers 252 Spinning, weaving and finishing of jute and mesta textiles 254 Bleaching, dyeing and printing of jute and mesta textiles 257 Bleaching, dyeing and printing of coir textiles 258 Spinning, weaving and finishing of coir textiles 255 26. MANUFACTURE OF TEXTILE PRODUCTS (INCLUDING WEARING APPAREL) Manufacture of knitted or crocheted textile products. 260 Manufacture of all types of threads, cordage ropes, twines and net 26l Embroidery work, zari work and making of ornamental trimmings 262 Manufacture of blankets, shawls, carpets, rugs and other similar textile products 263 Manufacture of all types of textile garmenting clothing accessories not elsewhere a classified (except by purely tailoring establishments) from not self-produced material (Note : in principle, the raw material is cut and sewn together in the establishments covered in this group) 265 Manufacture of rain coats, hats, caps and school bags etc. from waterproof textile fabrics or plastic sheeting 266 Manufacture of made-up textiles articles except apparel 267 Manufacture of waterproof textile fabrics 268 Manufacture of textile and textile products not elsewhere classified like linoleum, padding, wadding, upholstering and filling 269 27. MANUFACTURING WOOD AND WOOD PRODUCTS, FURNITURE AND FIXTURES Sawing and planning of wood (other than plywood) 270 Manufacture of veneer sheets, plywood and their products 27l Manufacture of structural wooden goods (including treated timber) such as beams, posts, doors and windows 272 Manufacture of wooden and cane boxes crates, drums, barrels and other containers, baskets and other wares made entirely or mainly of cane rattan, reed, bamboo willow fibres, leaves and grass 273 Manufacture of wooden industrial good not elsewhere classified 274 Manufacture of wooden furniture and fixtures 276 Manufacture of products of wood, bamboo, cane, reed and grass (including articles made from coconut shells or such other similar material) not elsewhere classified 279 28. MANUFACTURE OF PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS AND PRINTING, PUBLISHING AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper board including manufacture of newsprint 280 Manufacture of containers and boxes of paper or paperboard 28l Printing and publishing of newspaper 284 Printing and publishing of periodicals, books journals, directories, atlases, maps and sheet music, schedules and pamphlets 285 Engraving, etching and block making 287 Book binding on account of others 288 29. MANUFACTURE OF LEATHER AND PRODUCTS OF LEATHERS, FUR, AND SUBSTITUTES OF LEATHER Tanning, curing, finishing, embossing and japanning of leather 290 Manufacture of footwears (excluding repairs) except of vulcanized or moulded rubber or plastic 29l Manufacture of consumer goods of leather and substitutes of leather, other than apparels and foot wear 293 30. MANUFACTURE OF BASIC CHEMICALS & CHEMICAL PRODUCTS (EXCEPT PRODUCTS OF PETROLEUM AND COAL) Manufacture of industrial organic and inorganic chemicals 300 Manufacture of fertilizers and pesticides 30l Manufacture of plastic in primary forms; manufacture of synthetic rubber 302 Manufacture of paints, varnishes and related products; artists' colours and ink 303 Manufacture of drugs, medicines and allied products. 304 Manufacture of perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, hair dressing, toothpastes, soap in any form detergents, shampoos, shaving products, washing and cleaning preparation and other toilet preparations 305 Manufacture of man-made fibres 306 Manufacture of matches 307 Manufacture of explosives; ammunition and fire-works 308 Manufacture of chemical products not elsewhere classified 309 31. MANUFACTURE OF RUBBER, PLASTIC, PETROLEUM AND COAL PRODUCTS PROCESSING OF NUCLEAR FUEL Tyre and tube industries 3l0 Manufacture of rubber products not elsewhere classified 3l2 Manufacture of refined petroleum products ( this group includes production of liquide of gaseous fuels, illuminating oils, lubricating oils or greases or other products obtained from crude petroleum or their fractionation productions. Liquification and natural gas as classified in group 111and bottling of natural gas or liquified petroleum gas as classified in group 315 3l4 Manufacture of refined petroleum products not elsewhere classified (this group includes manufacture of variety of products extracted or obtained from the products or residues of petroleum refining) 3l6 Processing of nuclear fuels (this group includes extraction of uranium metals from pitch blend or other uranium bearing ores; manufacture of alloys or dispersions or mixtures of natural uranium or its compounds; manufacture of enriched uranium and its compounds; plutonium and its compounds; uranium depleted in U 235 other radio active elements, isotops or compounds and nonirradiated fuel elements for use in nuclear reactors. Production of heavy water in classified in group 309.) 3l7 Manufacture of coke oven products 318 Manufacture of other coal and coaltar products not elsewhere classified 3l9 32. MANUFACTURE OF NON-METALLIC MINERAL PRODUCTS Manufacture of refractory products and structural clay products 320 Manufacture of glass and glass product 32l Manufacture of earthern and plastic products 322 Manufacture of nonstructural ceramic ware 323 Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster 324 Manufacture of mica products 325 Stone dressing and crushing, manufacture of structural stone goods and stoneware 326 Manufacture of asbestos cement and other cement products 327 Manufacture of miscellaneous non-metallic mineral products not elsewhere classified 329 33. BASIC METAL AND ALLOY INDUSTRIES Manufacture of iron AND steel in primary semi-finished forms 330 Manufacture of semi-finished iron and steel products in re-rolling mills, cold-rolling mills and wire drawing mills 33l Manufacture of ferro-alloys 332 Copper manufacturing 333 Brass manufacturing 334 Aluminum manufacturing 335 Zinc manufacturing 336 Casting of metal 337 Processing/Re-rolling of metal scrap other than iron and steel scrap 338 Other non-ferrous metal industries 339 34. MANUFACTURE OF METAL PRODUCTS & PARTS, EXCEPT MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT Manufacture of fabricated structural metal products 340 Manufacture of furniture fixtures primarily of metal 342 Manufacture of hand tools, weights and measure and general hardware 343 Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy (this group includes production of a wide variety of finished or semi-finished metal products, by means of the above activities which, individually, would be characteristically produced in other activity categories) 344 Treatment or coating of metals general mechanical engineering on a sub-contract basis. (this group includes plating, polishing, anodising, engraving, printing, hardening, buffing, deburring, sand blasting, welding or other specialised operations on metals on a fee or contract basis. The units classified here, generally, do not take ownership of the goods nor do they sell them to third parties.) 345 35-36. MANUFACTURE OF MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT OTHER THAN TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT (MANUFACTURE OF SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT, PHOTOGRAPHIC OR CINEMATOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT AND WATCHES AND CLOCKS IS CLASSIFIED IN DIVISION 38) Manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment and parts thereof 350 Manufacture of machinery and equipment used by construction and mining industries 35l Manufacture of prime mover, boilers steam generating plants and nuclear reactors 352 Manufacture of industrial machinery for food and textile industries (including bottling and filling machinery) 353 Manufacture of industrial machinery for other than food and textile industries 354 Manufacture of general purpose non- electrical machinery or equipment, their components and accessories not elsewhere classified 356 Manufacture of machine tools, their parts and accessories 357 Manufacture of electrical industrial machinery, apparatus and parts thereof 360 Manufacture of insulated wires and cables, including manufacture of optical fibres cables 36l Manufacture of accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries 362 Manufacture of electrical lamps 363 Manufacture of electric fans and electric or electro-thermic domestic appliances and parts thereof 364 Manufacture of television receivers, reception apparatus for radio broadcasting, radio telephony or telegraphy, video recording or reproducing apparatus, turn-tables, record players, cassette players and other sound reproducing apparatus, sound recording apparatus, microphones, loudspeakers amplifiers & sound amplifiers & prerecorded audio or video records or tapes 366 Manufacture of radiographic X-ray apparatus X-ray tubes and parts and manufacture of electrical equipment not elsewhere classified 369 37. MANUFACTURE OF TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT AND PARTS Ship and boat building 370 Manufacture of locomotives and parts 37l Manufacture of railway or tramway wagons and coaches and other rail road equipments, not elsewhere classified 372 Manufacture of heavy motor vehicles, coach work 373 Manufacture of motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of less than l0 persons (includes manufacture of racing cars and golf-cars) 374 Manufacture of bicycles, cycle-rickshaws and parts 376 Manufacture of aircraft, space-craft and their parts 377 Manufacture of bullock-carts, push carts and hand-carts 378 Manufacture of transport equipment and parts not elsewhere classified 379 38. OTHER MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES Manufacture of medical, surgical, scientific and measuring equipment except optical equipment 380 Manufacture of photographic, cinematographic and optical goods and equipment (excluding photo chemicals, sensitised papers & films) 38l Manufacture of watches and clocks 382 Manufacture of jewellery and related articles 383 Manufacture of sports and athletic goods 385 Manufacture of stationery articles not elsewhere classified 387 Manufacture of miscellaneous products not elsewhere classified 389 39. REPAIR OF CAPITAL GOODS Repair of locomotives and other rail-road equipments 397 40. ELECTRICITY GENERATION, TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION Generation and transmission of electric energy 400 Distribution of electric energy to households, industrial, commercial and other users 40l 4l. GAS AND STEAM GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION THROUGH PIPES. Generation of gas in gas-works and distribution through mains to households, industrial commercial and other user 4l0 42. WATER WORKS AND SUPPLY Water supply for example collection, purification and distribution of water 420 43. NON CONVENTIONAL ENERGY GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION Generation of solar energy 430 Generation and distribution of bio-gas energy 43l Generation of energy through wind mills 432 Generation and distribution other non conventional energy not elsewhere classified 439 50. CONSTRUCTION Construction and maintenance of buildings 500 Construction and maintenance of roads, 50l railbeds, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, ropeways, ports, harbours and runways. Construction or erection and maintenance of power, telecommunication and transmission lines 502 Construction and maintenance of waterways and water reservoirs such as bunds, embankments, dams, canals, tanks, wells, tubewells and aquaducts 503 5l. ACTIVITIES ALLIED TO CONSTRUCTION Plumbing and drainage 5l0 Heating and Air-conditioning installation, lift installation, sound-proofing 5ll Setting of tiles, marble, bricks, glass and stone 5l2 Electrical installation work for constructions 5l4 Painting and decorating work for constructions 5l5 Other activities allied to construction, not elsewhere classified 5l9 6l. WHOLESALE TRADE IN WOOD, PAPER, SKIN, LEATHER AND FUR, FUEL, PETROLEUM, CHEMICALS, PERFUMERY, CERAMICS, GLASS AND ORES, AND METALS Wholesale trade in petrol, mobile oil and allied products 6l4 Wholesale trade in medicines and chemicals 6l5 Wholesale trade in toiletry, perfumery and cosmetics 617 62. WHOLESALE TRADE IN ALL TYPES OF MACHINERY EQUIPMENT INCLUDING TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT Wholesale trade in agricultural and industrial machinery 620 Wholesale trade in electrical machinery and equipment 62l Wholesale trade in transport and storage equipment 623 63. WHOLESALE TRADE NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED Wholesale trade in furniture and fixtures 630 66. RETAIL TRADE IN TEXTILES Retail trade in textiles 660 Retail trade in ready-made garments, and retail trade in second-hand garments) 661 68. RETAIL TRADE NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED Retail trade in motor fuels 682 Retail trade in agricultural machinery and equipment 684 Retail trade in transport equipment 686 Retail trade not elsewhere classified 689 69. RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS Restaurants, cafes and other eating and drinking places (Note 1: this group includes sales of prepared foods and drinks for immediate consumption on the premises such as restaurants, cafe, lunch counters and catering activities and take-out activities as well as dining-car activities of railway companies and other passenger transport facilities which are operated as independent activities. Sales through vending machines, vending stalls, whether or not mobile, are included. 690 Note 2: The above mentioned activities, if carried out in connection with the provision of lodging, are to be classified in group 691) Hotels, rooming houses, camp and other lodging places 69l 70. LAND TRANSPORT Railway transport 700 Passenger transport by bus (including tramways) 70l Passenger transport by motor vehicles other than by bus 702 7l. WATER TRANSPORT Ocean and coastal water transport 7l0 Inland water transport 7ll 72. AIR TRANSPORT Air transport carriers (of passengers and freight) 720 74. STORAGE AND WAREHOUSING SERVICES Warehousing of agricultural products without refrigeration 740 Warehousing of agricultural products with refrigeration (cold storage) 74l 75. COMMUNICATION SERVICES Postal, telegraphic, wireless and signal communication services 750 Telephone communication services 752 80. BANKING ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING FINANCIAL SERVICES Deposit activities (this group includes activities of central banks, commercial banks, savings banks, saving and loan associations and other such instructions whose major source of funds is deposits) 800 Other credit activities (this group includes activities of such units whose chief activity is making loans. They are distinguished from the deposit instructions in that the chief source of funds is equity or short term paper, but not deposits) 80l Other banking activities 802 Securities dealing activities (this group includes activities of brokers and dealers and central exchanges dealing in all kinds of negotiable instruments and underwriters and agents in the floatation of new securities) 803 Financial services other than securities dealing activities 804 8l. PROVIDENT AND INSURANCE SERVICES Provident services 8l0 Insurance Carriers, Life 8ll Deposit/credit guaranty insurance services 8l2 Insurance carriers other than life such as fire, marine, accident or health including insurance agents, values or assessors 8l9 82. REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES Purchase, sale, letting & operating of real estate such as residential and non-residential buildings developing and sub-dividing real estate into lots, lessors of real property, real estate agents, brokers and managers engaged in renting, buying and selling, managing and appraising real estates on a contract or fee basis 820 89. BUSINESS SERVICES NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED Accounting, book-keeping and auditing activities, including tax consultancy services 89l Data processing, software development and computer consultancy services 892 Architectural and engineering and other technical consultancy activities 894 Advertising 896 Press agency activities (this group includes news syndicate and news agency activities on a fee or contract basis. Includes activities of independent news reporters and news writers) 897 90. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND DEFENCE SERVICES Public services in the Union Government including defence services 900 Public services in State Government including police services 90l Public services in local bodies, departments and offices engaged in administration like local taxation and business regulation 902 Public services in Quasi-Government bodies 903 9l. SANITARY SERVICES Sanitation and similar services such as garbage and sewage disposals, operation of drainage systems and all other types of work connected with public health and sanitation 9l0 92. EDUCATION, SCIENTIFIC AND RESEARCH SERVICES Educational services rendered by technical or vocational colleges, schools and other institutions 920 Educational services rendered by non-technical colleges, schools, universities & other institutions 92l Research and scientific services not classified elsewhere such as those rendered by institutions and laboratories engaged in research in the biological, physical and social sciences, metrological institutes and medical research organisation 922 94. COMMUNITY SERVICES Welfare services rendered by organization operating on a no-profit basis for the promotion of welfare of the community such as relief societies, crèches, homes for the aged and physically handicapped 94l 95. RECREATIONAL AND CULTURAL SERVICES Motion picture and video film production 950 Motion picture distribution and projection services 95l Radio and television broadcasting and related services 954 Libraries, museums, botanical and zoological gardens, zoos, game sanctuaries 956 96. PERSONAL SERVICES Laundry, cleaning and dyeing services 96l Hair dressing such as those done by barbers hair dressing saloons and beauty shops 962 Personal services not else where classified 969 97. REPAIR SERVICES Repair of footwear and other leather goods 970 Repair of watches, clocks and jewellery 973 Repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles except trucks, lorry and other heavy vehicles 974 Repair of bicycles and cycle rickshaws 975 X0 PERSONS WITHOUT ANY AFFILIATION TO ANY PARTICULAR INDUSTRY (INCLUDING FRESH ENTRANTS TO LABOUR FORCE) Persons without any affiliation to any particular industry (including fresh entrants to labour force) X00 XI. ACTIVITIES NOT ADEQUATELY DEFINED (OTHER THAN THOSE IN X0) Activities not adequately defined (other than those in X0) Xl0 * Vide GSR 401 dated 28th April 1988 and subsequently amended by S.O 2961 dated 3rd November 1992 and S.O. 2223 dated 22nd August 1997